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Oyama Senmaida Kamogawa is located at the foot of Oyama Mt, has a long and narrow plain to the west of Kamogawa city. Known as "Tanada no sato" and located closest to Tokyo, it has been selected as one of the "100 of the most beautiful terraces in Japan" for its amazing rural scenery, so to speak of the whole landscape Japanese version. At the foot of the Mineoka Mountains, there are 375 large and small rice fields lined up in rows like terraces. Around the village of Yamato is a valuable cultural landscape nurtured by nature and human activities. Unlike rice fields in the plains, the delay in land consolidation has left this beautiful terraced field in today's times.

Oyama Senmaida is the only field in Japan that can be cultivated solely by rainwater. There are many types of plants and animals as well as valuable species living in places like this. It is a diverse treasure trove of creatures that are widely known today. The Oyama Senmaida terraced fields have taught us the importance of coexisting in this majestic nature.

At night, the organic curves of the Oyama Senmaida terraces are lit up by LEDs. The 4-color auto-switching LED lights are sure to delight visitors. Come here to feel the fresh air of Satoyama, the stars, quiet spaces and terraces designed with color changing LED light system.

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