Let’s go to the local camp site!(Best season August) 



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We pray for recovering from heavy rain disaster in Yamagata.


1.Camp Site Information in Sagae City and Nishikawa Town

Speaking of summer, you may imagine “Camp”

This year, due to COVID-19, we have to enjoy with proper sanitation.

So, we will introduce camp sites around Sagae city.

Ikoino-mori camp site

Address: 1563 Aza Hiranoyama, Oaza Yasawa, Sagae-shi Yamagata

For inquiry: Ikoino-mori Administration Building 



Address: 2523-5 Aza Tateyama, Oaza Aterazawa, Oe-machi, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata

For inquiry: +81-237-62-4125


*When you use the facility, please inquire to the information center.

We will introduce you interesting radio calisthenics.

When you get up, it may be good that you try the calisthenics with your family.

(the calisthenics is spoken with Ishinomaki-dialect, which is similar to Yamagata-dialect.)

Oraho-no radio calisthenics:


*We quoted from Ishinomaki-city, Miyagi pref.

2.We will introduce you the nice meat in Sagae-city (our recommendation: Yamagata-beef, Yonezawa-beef, and Sangenton-pork)

Some families may quit camping in this situation. BBQ in the house is good idea!

Here is the recommended meat shops.

Niku no Kobayashi

Address: Shima 883, Oaza Sagae-shi, Yamagata pref.


Tel: +81-120-5884-29

Yamagata Meat Land

Address: Tyuo Kogyo Danchi 155-12, Sagae-shi, Yamagata pref.


Tel: +81-237-83-0329


Niku no Choei

Address:2-2, Motomachi 3 cho-me, Sagae-shi, Yamagata pref.

Tel: +81-237-84-2658

Choei’s minced meat cutlet is our recommendation.

*We quoted the image from Orive Oil wo Hitomawashi.

Next year, we want to enjoy summer.

3.Recommended “Ginrei Gassan”

We have the sake matches with BBQ.

That is “Ginrei Gassan Reishu”.

Usually the sake is for business, but you can purchase in local shop.

Why don’t you take it when you go shopping.

This is our standard taste sake (keeping room temperature, and please keep it cool when you drink.) you can carry in the cooler box.


Product: “Ginrei Gassan Junmai Ginjo Namazake”(Keep refrigerated)

Feature: Crisp and Fresh

Recommended appetizer: Dadachamame, Iwagaki oyster, and Cold Ramen of Yamagata

For Inquiry: Gassan Sake Brewery, Co. Ltd

Brand: Ginrei Gassan

Tel: 0+81-237-87-1114




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