How about Tasting Chilled-refrigerated Japanese Sake in this Summer?



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Hello everyone! This is Gassan Sake Brewery. Co., Ltd.

We will introduce our product “Japanese Sake” and information of Yamagata Prefecture.

First of all, let us introduce our company.

Our brewery is located in the bottom of Mt. Gassan.

The undersoil water from Mt. Gassan produce rich cultivation.

Using the pure water and high quality rice, we brew our brand “Ginrei Gassan”.

Mixing traditional technique and the latest technology, we are making high quality sake.

Our homepage:

For inquiry:


For this Summer, we introduce our best recommendation.

 We recommend it for father’s day (the 3rd Sunday, June)


Ginrei Gassan Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Its elegant flavor matches various cuisines. The cooler you keep it, the better it tastes!

Ginrei Gassan Ginjo (Blue Sky Label) 720ml

This is Summer limited edition which has been fermented in low temperature.

Many people may imagine “Cherry” when they hear “Yamagata Prefecture”.

Its production accounts for 70% of the production in Japan. The famous cherry “Sato Nishiki” turns ruby color and is called as if “Jewel of orchard”. Not only Sato Nishiki, other cherry brands are growing up.

Cherry orchard from early summer is crowded with a lot of people who are enjoying picking up the fruit.

(There are some orchards which are closed due to COVID-19. Please check the opening hours and schedule before your visit.)

*Cherry farmers are in severe situation because of Corona-virus.

Please support the farmers with eating cherry and drinking Japanese sake!

For inquiry: Sagae-city official homepage


Are you looking for fresh vegetables, fruits, and souvenirs?

Sagae city is located on the way between Shonai area and Murayama area.

Along the route 112, “Cherry Land Sagae (Cherry Land)” is located. It has Merchandise center and well-maintained park, and lots of sightseeing people comes on weekends.

“Cherry Land Sagae” official homepage:

Address: 919-8, Kawara Aza Yakuwa, Oaza Sagae-shi, Yamagata, Japan

Tel: +81-237-86-3111.0



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