Let’s trekking in great nature!(Dewa san-zan main peak: Mt. Gassan)”Best season: July part 1”



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Why don’t you relax in forest?

To keep our nature environment, we donate some money from sales by putting on the paper accessory.


Mt. Gassan where undersoil water spring is rare and precious intact place. Yamagata nature museum has been opened as a nature study facility to maintain the nature environment along the base of Mt. Ubagatake.

In 245ha of fagaceae primary forest, there are not only woods of fagaceae, maple tree etc., but also other small animals which eats fruits of them.

People can learn nature mechanism and relationship between nature and human in this facility.

In the park, there are nature center, some space for nature watching along the path, experience zone, observatory, and outside observation house. Please see the forest which have been adapted to heavy-snow environment.

For inquiry: Yamagata Nature Museum

Address: 159 Ubagatake Aza Shizu Oaza, Nishikawa-machi, Nishi-murayama gun, Yamagata pref. Japan

Tel: +81-237-75-2010

Mt. Gassan opens to climber from July. 1st every year.

Since climate in mountain is easy to change, please prepare enough equipment and food.

*This year, more snow remain on the course. For more information, please check the



After trekking, how about eating local cuisine?

Our recommended restaurant is “Seiryu Teien Sansai Ryori Tamaki”!!

You will be welcomed with plenty of mountain vegetable dishes in the amazing and beautiful location.


Address:80-1 Oaza Mazawa, Nishikawa-machi, Nishi-murayama-gun Yamagata-Pref. Japan



(This is sample picture of mountain vegetable cuisine)


You can see other restaurant which serves nice cuisine.

Please refer to the URL below. When you visit Yamagata, it is good opportunity to go to the restaurants.



In Japan, Summer reminds people of “Otyuugen”(mid-summer gift)

By the way, do you know the origin of “Otyuugen”?

Otyuugen is the tradition of China.


In China, July 15th is called ”Tyuugen” and they pray for their ancestors.

The tradition mixed with buddhism in Japan, and it changed to the act ”Sending the gift to familiar people in Obon season”, which is the origin of current “Otyuugen”.

Why don’t you send the Sake below to your familiar people?

【Ginrei Gassan Junmaidaiginjo 720ml】

Combining suitable rice for sake brewing “Yamada-nishiki”(polishing rate 45%) and undersoil water of Mt.Gassan, the Junmaidaiginjo is made. It has elegant flavor and rich taste.

【For product inquiry】

Gassan Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.





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