The Secret of "Green Pal Hyugamikyo" where Surrounded by Green Mountains and Waters




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The place called Green Pal Hyugamikyo, a camping site in Yame City is located in the deep part of Kurogi Machi. This is a campsite with a beautiful dam and rock house. It's a very popular campsite in Fukuoka, so on Saturday the appointments are always full.

About 40 minutes from the eight women's city to the inside of the eight women's City

It takes about 40 minutes to reach the camping site called Green Pal Hyugamikyo, from the center of Yame city along route 442 to the direction of Kurogi Machi in Yame city. The reception is located in the brown building (administration building) at the back, and there are many rental items, such as tableware and stove, so tourists don't need to bring too much stuff from home.

In addition, the price of firewood for bonfires is about 400 yen, so it's better than buying firewood in the family decoration center. It's really interesting to choose wood like cedar and oak. A bonfire is necessary, so please take it with you if you need it.

The reception area will be allocated a special garbage bag, so you can dispose of the burning garbage in the campsite. Empty cans and PET bottles can also be discarded. The advantage of choosing a campsite is that you don't have to bring back trash.

There are many facilities to use at the campsite!

Green Pal Hyugamikyo has a variety of attractions. There are:

  • 25 parts of the car park
  • 23 parts of the open space
  • 7 huts (5 people, 6 people, 2 people, 10 people).

Note: due to the coronavirus, the hut is open on weekends (Saturday to Sunday) only from June.

The car can be installed in the car station, so loading and unloading are very convenient. As far as Lina is concerned, she often uses the car park (hot carpet, etc.) in winter. Because the car park here has power, it's as comfortable as home.

There are 7 huts in total, and there is a tent space beside the hut. It's worth looking forward to camping with people who don't have tents or are not good at living in tents.


There are many places to play in the campsite.

For example, it's really fun to spend the night in a beautiful place like the mountains behind looking for nuts, camping, fishing for trout and rainbow trout, walking around the dam, staring at the deep blue-green lake and the powerful Rockies. You may not have enough chance to play. But here you can absorb the power of nature and rejuvenate.

In recent years, the number of camping tourists has tripled

In fact, until 10 years ago, the Green Pal Hyugamikyo had been sparsely populated, but now it is full of customers. The reason why the campsite has become "super popular" is that facilities such as toilets and kitchens are well maintained, and the staff are very friendly.

In fact, after the rain, Lina walked slowly until the tent is dry. When she saw the staff around each workplace, she thought, don't make trouble for the staff in the camp. After playing around, we should have good manners to clean the places so that it can make the staff less laborious and leave a good impression.

The person in charge of the facility often goes up the mountain to study camping and fishing. Mr. Inoue, the founder of the camp, likes outdoor activities, such as fishing in mountain streams and camping. He always keeps thinking about how can he enjoy himself and tried to create a campsite from the camper's perspective. Always considering from the customer's point of view, is the purpose to create popular campsites.

"Green Pal Hyugamikyo" is a good place for you to feel the warmth of employees and the geographical location. We welcome to come here for camping.

Let me sum up what's great about this camping site:

  1. An automatic site with power supply.
  2. Toilets, showers, and kitchens are well managed.
  3. You can throw away the garbage and go home.
  4. The service provided by the staff is excellent.
  5. Beautiful scenery.
  6. People who come to play can enjoy fishing.


住所 〒834-1201 福岡県八女市黒木町北大淵44100-2

電話 0943-45-1001 FAX 0943-45-0123


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