Tezutsu Hanabi, a traditional event in the Higashi Mikawa region

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所在地: 佐賀県基山町字宮浦



Tezutsu Hanabi” is a traditional event that represents the Higashi Mikawa region. It is said to have originated when Tokugawa Ieyasu set off fireworks in the early 17th century after the unification of Japan. Tezutsu Hanabi will be held in Mashiko Town, Tochigi Prefecture. The festival will be held as part of the Mashiko Gion Festival on Saturday, July 23, and will feature two types of fireworks: both hand-held “Tezutsu Hanabi” and one-handed “Small Tezutsu Hanabi.

In the Tezutsu Hanabi, a tube 20cm in diameter and 80cm long is filled with gunpowder, which is held in the hand and lit. The flames shoot up into the sky. The sparks can reach as high as 8 meters. The “Tezutsu Hanabi” is a fireworks display that reflects the passion of the people who set them off, and is a festival of flames befitting the city of ceramics.It is held every year around summer


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【Event Summary】

Place: South parking lot of Mashiko Pottery Cooperative Selling Center


By bus: Take the Higashino Bus bound for Mashiko from the bus stop at the west exit of Utsunomiya Station, and get off at Sayadoshimo station.

By car: 20 minutes from the Sakuragawa Chikusei IC of the Kita Kanto Expressway or 25 minutes from the Moka IC

By Highway Bus: About 2 hours and 30 minutes from Akihabara by Highway Bus Kanto Yakimono Liner.

From Akihabara, take the Highway Bus Kanto Yakimono Liner (about 2 hours and 30 min.) and get off at “Togei Messe Entrance” (about 5 min. walk).

Mashiko Town Tourist Association TEL: 0285-70-1120