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A special exhibition will be held in July to commemorate the second anniversary of "Namiai Park" in Achi Village, Nagano Prefecture, which is known as a sacred place for the stars.


What is "Namiai Park - the most beautiful place to enjoy stars in Japan"?

It is a place where you can enjoy stars established on July 7, 2018 in Namiai, Aichi Village, Nagano Prefecture.

Namiai is located at the height of 1200 meters and was selected as "The best Stargazing Place" in 2006 by the Ministry of Environment. Thanks to its beauty, it attracts many visitors every year.

At this park, you can look clearly the beauty of the stars by sitting on the covered floor mats, or you can use both hammocks and chairs. In addition, you can rent equipment to enjoy the stars and also you can use the room to sleep.

In celebration of its 2nd anniversary, "Japan No.1 vs World No.1 Collaboration! U.S.-Japan Astronomical Instruments Exhibition - Vixen & Celestron" is held.

To commemorate the second anniversary of the park's opening on Tuesday, July 7, 2020, a special exhibition entitled "Japan No. 1 vs. World No. 1 Collaboration! The U.S.-Japan Astronomical Instruments Exhibition - Vixen & Celestron" will be held.

The time period is about three months from July 1 (Wed) to September 30 (Wed). During this time, you can enjoy a variety of observation instruments such as telescopes and binoculars from the two leading manufacturers of observatory equipment in Japan and the United States "Vixen" and "Celestron".

In addition, the "VIXEN STAR PARTY" and the "CELESTRON STAR PARTY" will be held, where elementary school students can experience star gazing with the actual astronomical instruments of both companies, as well as workshops for making their own telescopes and product demonstrations.

There are many other special events.


YUKO's starlight exhibition

As the starry sky guide for the "Paradise in the Sky: Japan's Best Starry Night Tour," she has guided more than 1,000 people to the night sky and is currently the exclusive guide for Namiai Park.

Before the star gazing session begins, you can hand make your own Etoile Sachet with your choice of flowers and herbs such as lavender, chamomile, rosemary, lemon balm and marigold.

Surrounded by the scent of your choice, you'll be able to relax and admire the best starry sky in Japan while listening to YUKO's easy-to-understand mythology of the stars.

Special Astronomical Observatory Day - Starry Sky Watcher

On special astronomical events such as meteor showers and Mars' approaching approach, Namiai Park will extend its opening hours to allow you to enjoy the starry sky until the time when the astronomical events are at their peak.

I'm sure many of you have seen news stories about the approach of the XX meteor shower and looked at the sky.

You can enjoy such astronomical events at this park in the best environment for enjoying stars in Japan.


Here are the main astronomical phenomena in 2020:

July 28 (Tue): constellation Aquarius δ shower

July 30 (Thu): Capricorn meteor shower

August 12 (Wed): Perseid meteor shower

October 6 (Tue): Mars is approaching

October 21 (Wed): Orion meteor shower

November 17 (Tue): Lion meteor shower

Date 12/14 (Mon): Gemini meteor shower


"Japan No.1 starry sky" photo contest

The "Japan's Best Starry Skies Photo Contest" is a photo contest based on the theme of the scenery and starry skies of Achi Village, a sacred place for the stars.

The contest is divided into two categories, camera and smartphone, and is open to a wide range of participants, from those with advanced equipment to those who are new to photography with smartphones.

Various prizes are given in the form of the "Japan's Best Star Village Award (Grand Prize)" and the "Namiai Park Award", and winners also receive gift certificates such as accommodation at the Hirugami Onsen and Namiai Park membership vouchers.

The "Japan No. 1 Starry Sky" photo contest is organized four times a year and the summer photo contest is held from July 1 (Wed) to September 30 (Wed).

Why not visit the Namiai Park this summer?





山口県出身。エスビージャパン株式会社プランニング部兼九州プロレス公式レフェリー。 趣味は地図を読み続けること。場末の飲み屋街・老舗食堂・田舎の商店街・古い駅舎を愛し、地図を片手に日々、妄想の旅を続けている。

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