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[dobe Communication vol.7]>> Introduction

In Hokkaido it is early winter. The white dots in the photo are “snow flies”. The “snow flies” announces that winter has come and we also realize that it’s time to snow.

In addition to “excitement” and “loneliness”, it also tells us “winter preparation”.

For those who wonder, “What is that? Snow flies?”, then we would like to introduce a little more about this animal. Snow flies are a family of aphids, and a large common type is known as “Prociphilus oriens”. They have a large and soft white part on the abdomen, about 5 mm long, floats on clear and windless days.

Snow flies breeding period becomes longer as summer continues on hot sunny days. So you might catch a lot of snow flies in early winter. (There are many different theories)

At a time when snow flies were said to be traditional, because the air was very dry and clear, it can be said that this is the best time to enjoy the view at night.

By the way, this time we will introduce a night view spot overlooking central Sapporo.

>> Stand in front of 360 ° panoramic image

The night view spot “JR Tower Three Eight Observation Tower (T38)” introduced this time is located on a skyscraper located east of Sapporo Station.

When you go from a crowded place with many stores in Sapporo station and enter the entrance, the crowded and busy streets will suddenly disappear and you will enter a world of silence.

In the north, you can see the Sasson Expressway, Okadama Airport and Ishikari Bay New Port outside the government offices, and you can also feel a sense of openness.

South is overlooking the city center in the direction of Odori and Susukino. You can see the Sapporo dome on the left, the Moiwa mountain on the right, and the Eniwa mountain in the back.

>> The gift for adult time

Alcoholic drinks like original cocktails, soft drinks like coffee and simple dishes are offered at the observatory.

(Photo is Blue Tower. It smells orange and easy to drink)

Wherever you look, you can both see the breathtaking world while enjoying wine, right. So we thought that the gift of adult time might be good.

>> Imagine Sapporo of 10 years later

Ten years later the Hokkaido Shinkansen is expected to extend to Sapporo. A new foundation will be built on the east side of Sapporo Station. New bus stops and roads are being planned accordingly and the area around Sapporo Station is about to change as well.

We are taking great convenience in Sapporo and Hokkaido at the center to continue to grow even more.

>> Editor's note

We have covered a lot of different things, but the one we recommend you to use as much as possible is the toilet.

Watching the beautiful night view while being able to monopolize your own toilet freely.

Why don't you come here to try it once?

>> Spread to friends

We have covered a lot of different things, but the one we recommend you to use as much as possible is the toilet.

Watching the beautiful night view while being able to monopolize your own toilet freely.

Why don’t you come here to try it once?

 (Of course no membership fees, ...)

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