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In Aomori Prefecture’s Pacific-facing Hachinohe City’s Tatehanaganpeki, from early on Sunday morning, they appear in the huge city of Asaichi, which runs for 880 meters and has 300 stores. From each spot around the country many visitors have come together for a moment at Tatehanaganpeki-Asaichi. What stands out is the performance by the solo artist “Ai & paachi,” born from Aomori Prefecture Hachinohe City Model Office’s “Twinkle.”

I interviewed Ai-san, the Adult Idol raised in Hachinohe City, who, from 2020, at “Tatehanaganpeki City Image Model,” until March, was active as a member of “Cinderella Magic East,” and is currently performing on “Daisuke Nakai and Tsubasa Honda and ‘Yoru na Yoru na Rabuko-san.’”

Interviewer: It’s very early in the morning to be performing, but are there things you felt difficult or things you were happy about?

Ai: Mornings in Hachinohe are very cold, so for doing a live performance in Tatehanaganpeki City I am carefully performing stretches and trying to always keep my body warm. In Tatehanaganpeki City, there are a lot of children and people with families who dance together, wave their hands, cheer and so forth, and that makes me quite happy. My grandmother always ate delicious food from her hometown at a long-established dumpling restaurant. There’s lots of seafood, and also hidden family restaurants here, so I tend to end up eating too much (laugh). 

Interviewer: Tell us about your special skills, Ai.

Ai: That would be imitating Doraemon, Pikachu, and Suneo’s voices. I also love eating lots of


 (Japanese bbq).

Interviewer: What kind of work would you like to try sometime in the future?

Ai: Anison singing, voice acting, also I’d like to be on a quiz show. Please, please let me try! I am waiting…

Interviewer: Do you have any rivals?

Ai: My rival is Hachinohe City’s official image character “Ikazukinzu”! 

Continuing, I also interviewed idol-in-training pacchi, who is aiming at a solo live debut in April of 2021. (Yuria was absent.)

Interviewer: Leader Miyashita Riko-san, what sort of group is “pacchi”?

Miyashita: Pacchi is a group in which each individual has a very rich character. The origin of the group’s name is the “hachi” of “Hachinohe.” We hope that Hachinohe City will be a town which will burst with the  pachi-pachi sound of applause. Regardless of color, we wish to use our various individualities as a weapon and spread the charm of Hachinohe around the country.

Interviewer: Miyashita-san, please give us your personal message.

Miyashita: My hobbies are listening to music and writing love stories and mystery novels. In the future, I wish to be an actress like Yumi Kaoru, who continues to shine brightly despite the change in eras.

Interviewer: Nakajima Reo-san, please give us your personal message.

Nakajima: I am a girl who loves writing and horror. I also like Lolita fashion, and in the future I wish to commercially produce and sell fashion goods I myself have designed.

Interviewer: Nijino Anna-san, please share your personal message.

Nijino: My hobby is making donations. I want to be a person who is able to give suffering persons energy, and to make them return to a state of strength and brilliance. The “na” of my first name Aina comes from my four times removed sister, who, when she was born called me “na.” Please remember this!

Interviewer: Manami-san, please give us your personal message.

Manami: I am very into makeup and skincare. I love watching Fukurena-san’s YouTube page. In the future, I want to be on a candid camera show. I’d like to be surprised by the spirit of the hidden camera.

Interviewer: Oka-san, please give us your personal message.

Oka: I am very into the ROBLOX game. I also like slime.

Next, I also interviewed the office representative Kurojima Hiroyasu.

Interviewer: Could you give us the background before Hachinohe’s model office and performing arts offices were built?

Kurojima: I am from Sapporo city in Hokkaido, and when I was in college I played guitar and sang in a rock band. After that, I worked in the capacity of pharmacist at a pharmaceutical company. In places like Yamagata prefecture and Iwate prefecture, while working as a businessman, during my days off I made music as an amateur musician. After relocating to Hachinohe city I continued to hold on to my dream of singing, and while being affiliated with the model office in Aomori city I continue to perform as a singer.

From that time, the use of the internet, SNS, and live video broadcasts began spreading, and so I began to sense that even without being affiliated with a major production, one could be active on one’s home turf yet go national, and in 2006 I established a “citizen participation” style model production. Today’s office’s predecessor is “an olive”

In April of 2009 the popular “talent” star from Hachinohe city, Momoka (now Kubo Momoe) became affiliated. Momoka was active with Sun Music Productions from 2006 until March of 2009. She became the Shueisha First Miss Weekly Playboy Contest Pure Grand Prix girl. Since coming to us, commercials, modeling, local TV station / mass communication reporter activity work suddenly increased all-at-once.

In 2012, the supplier of the First Miss Universal Japan Aomori Contest held on-location casting for NHK Morning’s continuous story “Ama-chan.” From the primary through the tertiary locations, I became in charge of the Miss Hokuriku Railroad contest, the roles of “Otaku and Kameko,” natural disaster scenes, and so on.

On December 4, 2013, I changed the name of the office to “Twinkle Inc.” I thought that I’d like to produce “sparkling” people who came from Hachinohe. I got permission from the Ministery of Health, Labor, and Welfare for a “paid employment placement business.”

In April of 2015, Kubo Momoe won the election in Hachinohe city.

In July 2017, the local transmission of the model Idol unit “Cinderella Magic EAST” debuted, and the same year they had their major debut via Universal Music and their (first) CD debut as well. In 2018 a business partnership with Tokyo model agency’s “Mr. Irving” was established, and in April of the same year, on the first floor lounge of “Grand Sanpia Hachinohe” I am running “Caf’e [sic] Dream.” Currently, while serving as a pharmicist in Hachinohe city, I have a concurrent post as representative for the office.

Interviewer: Please tell us your outlook from now, regarding wealth and abundance.

Kurojima: We are aspiring to produce “talents” from this town as a citizen participation style model office. Rather than people who are merely able, we wish to seek out dreams together with those who are pure, kind, and humble. We only wish to make ourselves better.

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From upper left to right: Manami, Nakajima Reo, Oka

From lower left to right: Miyashita Riko, Ai, Nijino Anna (Yuria was absent)

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