Can it set a record? The world’s rare record “Umeboshi Seed Flying International Competition”

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Did you know about the famous “Umeboshi Seed Flying International Competition” that was held as part of the Sori Ume promotion, which was expanding in the Souri district of Chita city, Aichi prefecture? The event has been held since 2001 and has once stopped in its history, but has been revived after six years, and is scheduled to be held on March 5 this year. The contest is divided into “Junior’s section”, “women’s section” and “men’s section”, each of them will compete with each other by pairing seeds after eating umeboshi to see who is further away.

The remarkable results for 2016 included 139 contestants, first place in “Junior’s section” was 4.95 meters and first place in “men’s section” was 9.13 meters. The women’s competition was 7.56 meters, setting a new record and nearly 2 meters from second place. Also, the mayor of Chita City seemed to have tried it out last year. Those who think the winner will be me, why not try to participate next time? And won the record for men 10 meters.


<Basic Rules>
1. Eat umeboshi within 30 seconds and double seeds
2. Must double in the designated area
3. Measure the distance from the last point the particle reached
4. After throwing, the decisive position is very important
5. Do not go outside the circle until the referee’s flag is raised.

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