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White Ribbon Run 2021 at Nigeria House Oyama – Tochigi Oyama base

contributor TAIYO株式会社

所在地: 東京都文京区



The White Ribbon Run 2021 based in Tochigi,Oyama was managed by the office of Nigeria House Oyama.



Oyama City has been chosen as the host town for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics of Nigeria. Nigeria House, a renovated old house in Shimada (735 Shimada, Oyama City), was set up as a base for exchange with the athletes. (Nigeria House can be seen in the background of the photo)



On the day of the event on March 6, Nigerian athlete exchange students also volunteered to help out.




As you can see in the picture, the countryside around Nigeria House is beautiful. The hazy weather in the morning gradually cleared up, making it a perfect day to exercise.



Since the ground area was flat, it was easy to run comfortably, feeling the height of the sky and breathing in the clean air to our heart’s content.



Nigerian House will accept international athletes from Nigeria who have high physical abilities, not only in Tokyo but also in Paris and the Los Angeles Olympics. We would also like to interact with local children and support the future they will open up through sports.



(The photo shows an exchange meeting between the local children and athletes.)