Like a Candy House in a European Forest, This pastry shop is more than meets the eye

contributor 株式会社アンジェココ

所在地: 佐賀県鳥栖市



Ange Coco is a pastry shop in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture, which looks like a rural European town. Originally established in 2000 at a different location, it was reopened in 2008 at its current location after a chance meeting between the owner and the architect. The store has a stone exterior like something out of a fairy tale, including a garden lined with cottages displaying adorable little windows, making you feel like you are stepping into some village in the middle of a European forest.



A treasure chest of eye-catching cakes inside

Pass under the arch, follow the small footpath, and open the store’s door to discover a large showcase of treats. Inside the softly lit store, the gorgeous showcase is like a treasure chest. Colorful cakes are lined up inside, with each one’s beautifully intricate design and personality shining in the world of Ange Coco.


“Creating new things by adding something and something else” is a rule applied to the making of these cakes which gives them their characteristic depth of flavor. For example, the combination of chocolate, hazelnuts and lemon seems like a strange combination at first glance, but when you try it, it has a uniquely harmonious taste. Using ingredients selected in this way, the discovery of new tastes from amplifying different flavors together conveys the uncompromising character of Ange Coco’s approach.



A number of products that have become the rage nationwide

Not just cakes, but also chocolates and baked goods can be found. There are various packages of different baked goods, from those designed by Ange Coco itself to appetizing goods you might find in other specialty shops.

Ange Coco are particular about each item stocked and understand that many people buy them as souvenirs. Sales of products found in online shops are also attracting attention, such as those found in the popular online magazine “National Mail-Order Real Report”.

Butter cake is popular in online shops. It’s a fluffy sponge cake covered in a creamy butter cream frosting full of flavor that melts in your mouth.  The package also has a retro cuteness to it, making it a great gift idea.

Next is the hugely popular Sufukama cheese. It’s a key ingredient for making a doubly irresistible cheesecake. This is also a popular item in online shops.


Currently, due to the impact of COVID-19, pre-order sales of whole cakes are being bolstered. There are many cakes that children will love, such as three-dimensional character cakes and print decorated cakes. Since the whole cake is posted on the homepage with a photo, it is safe to make a telephone reservation as well as over-the-counter reservations. (As a general rule, reservations are accepted up to 3 days in advance)



Eat in and Taste the extraordinary

Cakes and baked goods can also be enjoyed at the store. If you sit on the terrace next to the store, you can see the European garden and cottages and briefly escape from the everyday.

You can rent a cottage to enjoy your treats, or enjoy a relaxing tea time surrounded by elegant furniture and lamps.

A unique feature of Ange Coco is that you can enjoy a relaxing time alone, talk with friends, or just pass the time as you please. There is also a boutique in the garden where you can buy coffee and gelato, so you can walk around at your own pace.


In addition to food and drink, there is also a flower shop with a quaint atmosphere, further enhancing the feel of a whimsical world. Of course you can purchase items and bring the magic of Ange Coco back home with you after tea time.


Ange Coco is visited by many customers not only from Saga Prefecture but also from outside the prefecture. Reproducing a world from the owner’s dreams, this store strives to create an atmosphere where customers can enjoy themselves. More than just a place to buy pastries, it is a place outside time where you can relax and deepen connections with people and step into a magical world beyond your ordinary pastry shop.


Name Patisserie Ange Coco
Address 4-121 Kuranoue, Tosu City, Saga Prefecture 841-0056
TEL 0942-81-1638
Business Hours 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Regular holidays Closed every Monday and every 3rd Tuesday (Open on public holidays)
Access 8 minutes from JR Tosu Station by Nishitetsu Bus (via the Cultural Center), get off at the Noda bus stop
Official homepage