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Famous gourmet foods such as Matsusaka beef, Ise shrimp, and all-you-can-eat oysters; souvenirs such as Mikimoto pearls, which are known for their high quality throughout the world; spectacular seaside resorts, hot springs, and theme parks for the whole family to enjoy; Ise Shrine, the pinnacle of Japan’s shrines; and Kumano Kodo, a World Heritage Site.

In fact, it’s all here in Mie Prefecture! In this article, I will introduce you to some of the attractions of Mie Prefecture.

1.Ise Shrine, a must-visit in your lifetime, and Kumano Kodo, a pilgrimage route registered as a World Heritage Site.


① Ise Jingu, Inner Shrine (Imperial Grand Shrine)

Ise Shrine, once the pinnacle of all shrines in Japan, is a place that many Japanese people wished to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Around the time of the winter solstice, the sunrise shining in the center of the torii gate on Ujibashi Bridge is mysterious. The gates open at 5:00 a.m., so an early morning visit is recommended. You will feel even more refreshed as you pray in the morning sun.


② Oharai Town

After visiting the Ise Grand Shrine, we strolled around the old town.


From Ujibashi Bridge, the entrance to the Inner Shrine of Ise Jingu, to the stone pavement along the Isuzu River, there is an old town called “Oharai Machi” where restaurants, souvenir stores, confectionery shops, travel inns, etc., have been reproduced. In the middle of the town is “Okage Yokocho”.


③ Maruyama Senmaida rice field

The “Kumano Kodo” is a world heritage site that is rare in the world.

The “Kumano Kodo Ise Road” in Mie Prefecture is a path of prayer taken by people from Ise Shrine to Kumano Sanzan. There are various courses, including one overlooking terraced rice paddies, said to be the best in Japan, where you can enjoy a variety of landscapes.


④ Kumano River Experience School, Sanpanfan

The Kumano River course is a rare and recommended experience.

The Kumano River is the only river in the world that is registered as a World Heritage Site as a “river pilgrimage route”.


You can hear the flow of the river and the sound of the wind, and feel as if you are one with nature as you go along at a leisurely pace with only the power of the wind.


2.The best seafood and brand-name beef: Japan’s delicacies can be found in Mie Prefecture.


① Ise lobster

Ise lobster is the king of marine gourmet.

You can enjoy it in a variety of ways, such as live sashimi with a hint of sweetness, charcoal-grilled with an irresistible crunchy texture, or in a bold miso soup.


② Oyster Road in Toba and Uramura


Oysters are one of the best foods to eat in Mie Prefecture.

There is an area called “Oyster Road” in the Uramura district of Toba City on the “Pearl Road” that connects Toba and Shima, where there are many oyster huts that offer “all-you-can-eat grilled oysters.


③ Matsusaka Beef

If you travel to Mie, you can’t miss Matsuzaka beef!


Matsusaka beef is as big a brand as Kobe beef for Japanese people.

Matsusaka beef has the same brand name as Kobe beef for Japanese people, and is characterized by its high quality fat that melts in the palm of your hand and its soft sweetness. The best way to enjoy Matsusaka beef is to grill it and enjoy the aroma of its fat, or to cook it in a shallow iron pot by grilling or boiling.

  1. Iga, the hometown of “Ninja”, and Toba / Shima, where “Umijo” lives

① Iga School Ninja Museum (Ninja House)

Iga is the home of the Iga Ninja, who were active throughout Japan.

The Iga Ninja Museum (Ninja House) is a must-visit spot in the Iga area, where a kunoichi (female ninja) will guide you through the Karakuri-yashiki.

The Ninja Museum (Ninja House) is a must-visit spot in the Iga area, where you can see a powerful ninja show using real ninja tools and experience ninjutsu such as shuriken shooting.



② Iga-Ueno Castle


People dressed in ninja costumes can be seen walking around “Iga Ueno Castle” and its vicinity.

There is a “Ninja Transformation Center (Danjiri Kaikan)” in Ueno Park, where Iga-Ueno Castle is located, and if you stroll around the castle town dressed in ninja costumes, you will be able to take a lot of memorable pictures of your trip to Iga.


③ Ama Culture


Do you know what a “Ama” is?

They are women who dive into the sea to fish for shellfish and seaweed.

They are registered as an intangible cultural heritage of Japan, and there are only a few places in Japan where there are Ama divers. There are only a few places in Japan where you can find Ama divers, but the Toba and Shima areas have the largest number of these rare divers in Japan.


④ Diver’s Hut Experience


Along the beaches of the Toba and Shima areas, there are “Haenyogoya” (women divers’ huts) where women divers rest.


In the “Haenyogoya Experience,” divers who are still active in the diving industry grill the shellfish they catch in the morning in their wild huts.

The divers, who are professionals in the field of fish and shellfish, grill the shellfish in the hearth, so you can eat them at the perfect time.


4.Flowers, the sea, autumn leaves, illuminations, etc. Mie has a series of spectacular spots!


① Inabe City Agricultural Park Umebayashi Park

Inabe City Agricultural Park’s Umebayashi, where you can see 100 kinds of 4,000 plums in full bloom and a vast plum grove like a patchwork carpet, has skyrocketed in popularity as a scenic spot in recent years!


② Research cultivation farm Suzuka Forest Garden (Akatsuka Botanical Garden)

The Suzuka Forest Garden, which has about 200 famous weeping plum trees, is a famous spot for plum blossoms that heralds the arrival of spring.


③ Ise Shima Skyline

There is a footbath on the top of Mt. Asamagatake along the driveway “Ise Shima Skyline” in the sky that connects Ise and Toba, and you can relax and soak in the footbath while overlooking the beautiful Ise Bay where the islands float.


④ Akame 48 Waterfalls

The footbath with a superb view is the most luxurious. At the Akame 48 Waterfalls Hiking Course, you can see waterfalls of various sizes at once, and you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, such as fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and icefalls. Let’s go hiking around for healing and visiting “power spots” where you can feel plenty of negative ions!


⑤ Nabana no Sato, a theme park of flowers, greenery, and food

The overwhelming scale and beauty of the illumination at Nabana no Sato attracts people from all over the world.

The “Sea of Clouds of Light,” which is most popular among couples, uses blue LEDs to create a fantastic atmosphere.


  1. Mie has a wide range of theme parks that will satisfy both adults and children!

① Nagashima Spaland Nagashima Spaland


Introducing Nagashima Spaland, one of the largest amusement parks in Japan.


There are about 50 different attractions, including screaming machines such as the Guinness-certified super coaster “Steel Dragon 2000” and Japan’s first flying coaster “Acrobat”!

In addition to the amusement park, it is a large leisure land with various facilities such as Jazz Dream Nagashima (outlet), Jumbo Seawater Pool (summer only), Nagashima Hot Spring (Yuaminoshima), and Anpanman Museum (operation is separate).


② Suzuka Circuit

The Suzuka Circuit is a large leisure land with an international racing course where big races such as the F1 Japanese Grand Prix and Suzuka 8 Hours are held, as well as an amusement park, hotels, and restaurants.

The amusement park “Mortopia” has more than 30 types of rides, including rides that can be ridden alone by children as young as 3 years old, and rides that require cooperation with family and friends to complete missions.


③ Toba Aquarium

The Toba Aquarium has the largest number of species of living creatures in Japan! The Toba Aquarium is home to the largest number of living creatures in Japan, and is full of large-scale environmental exhibits and unique shows! You can see the only dugong in Japan, as well as capybara, snails, cats, otters and other animals!


④ Shima Spain Village Parque España

If you are traveling in the Shima area, don’t miss “Shima Spain Village”. It consists of three facilities: the theme park “Parque España,” the resort hotel “Shima Spain Village,” and the natural hot spring “Himawari no Yu,” and is a large leisure land with attractions, entertainment, restaurants, and stores.


6. Mie’s souvenirs to take home with you



MIKIMOTO PEARL ISLAND is the place where Kokichi Mikimoto, the founder of MIKIMOTO PEARLS, succeeded in cultivating the world’s first pearl, a mysterious gem produced inside the body of an oyster.

The entire island is a tourist attraction, where you can not only see the collection of antique jewelry at the Pearl Museum, but also see a demonstration show by divers and visit power spots.


② Thanksgiving Alley Goods

In Okage Yokocho, the gate town of Ise Jingu Shrine, you will find many cute and beneficial goods with motifs of “Maneki Neko”, a symbol of prosperity and good luck, and “Okage Inu”, a dog that is said to have visited Ise in place of its master who could not go due to illness or other reasons. You can find a lot of cute and profitable goods on sale.


③ Iga Kumihimo

Iga kumihimo” has been popular in Mie for a long time. It is a traditional craft that has been handed down since ancient times, with beautifully dyed silk threads of various colors intermingling one by one to create a unique flavor. This traditional craft has been handed down since ancient times.



These are the six major attractions of Mie Prefecture that I would like to introduce to you.


In addition to the above, there are many more things to see and do in Mie Prefecture!

There are many more places to visit in Mie Prefecture! We have many reports and popular feature articles covering various areas of the prefecture on this website, so be sure to find a place you would like to visit!


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