The World’s Smartest and Highest Performing Folding Electric Wheelchair

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所在地: 東京都大田区、千鳥

中田 秀貴(nakata hideki)と申します。インスタグラム開始しました(


REHA Tourism, Inc., a travel planning company for rehabilitation and health tourism, has formed a business alliance with Moving Life Japan, a distributor of the foldable electric wheelchair ATTO. Moving Life Japan is the exclusive distributor of Moving Life in Japan. Let’s enjoy the joy of going farther in comfort with ATTO!



REHAt hopes that rehabilitation and health tourism will help people to recover their health and lead richer daily lives.

We are currently developing “Rehabilitation Health Tourism”, a new type of tourism that maximizes the appeal of Japan’s regions.


{Outline of Sales and Services}

REHA Tourism, Inc. has teamed up with Moving Life Japan, Inc.

Ltd. to sell the mobility scooter ATTO (TAIS code obtained) to tourists at a special price.

mobility scooter ATTO (with TAIS code) at a special price for tourists.

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{Features: ATTO}

Folding electric wheelchair/mobility scooter (with battery)

1: Development Process

Nino Ransenberg, the founder of Moving Life, has paralysis as a child.

He needed to develop ATTO for himself.

The reason for developing the product was the constant stress that comes with traveling.

When you get off an airplane, you have to wait until it arrives if you have an electric wheelchair.

We came up with the idea of a simple foldable electric wheelchair that could be brought on board and easy to leave the plane with.

2: The World’s Smartest and Highest Performing Electric Wheelchair

The foldable ATTO is not just for airplanes.

but also in cars such as minicars and cabs.

ATTO’s unique design is also appealing and it encourages people to be active.

ATTO Product Introduction Catalog


{Future Prospects}

We develop rehabilitation and health tourism.

Our mission is to create high-quality, safe, secure, and enjoyable tourism. We carefully select and provide even the smallest of accommodations so that we can help maintain and refresh the health of the individual and their family.

We hope you will take advantage of our services to restore your health and enrich your life both physically and mentally.

Travel and activities are the best rehabilitation!



Headquarters: 21-6, Chidori 3-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 146-0083, Japan

Representative: Hideki Nakata, Representative Director

Establishment: August 19, 2020

Capital: 8.8 million yen



Business Description:

Planning and development of rehabilitation and health tourism services

・Provision of rehabilitation and health care services using the Internet, etc.

・Providing information services on tourism, accommodation, tourist facilities, and lifestyle tourism

Planning, production, rental, sales, and consulting of events and goods related to culture and sports business

Consulting business



For media and press inquiries, please contact

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Company name: REHA TOURISM Co.

Name of contact person: Hideki Nakata


中田 秀貴(nakata hideki)と申します。インスタグラム開始しました(