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Saga Gibier to many! A moisturizing balm using wild boar fat is also available!

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Tsuru Shokosan, which processes meat in Saga City, has been focusing on wild game (gibier) for about three years and sells sausages using wild boar meat caught in Saga. Originally, the representatives of the group companies were hunting and talking about what would be interesting products, so they started selling wild game (gibier). Unlike cows and pigs that are bred for meat, wild game is especially nutritious and valuable. At Tsuru Shokosan, we strive to convey this to many people.



Wild Boar Meat is an Iron-rich Super-food!

Compared to beef and pork, wild game meat is high in protein, low in calories, and rich in B vitamins and iron. Deer meat and wild boar meat are super-foods also recommended for athletic body-building. Especially in the present age with the low-carb boom tending to cause a shortage of energy, wild boar meat is rich in essential fatty acids and the high-quality fat is a good source of calories. Moreover, the sausages produced by Tsuru Shokosan are additive-free, have no artificial coloring, are gentle on the body and safe for children.


Before becoming a super-food, the elderly people who used to eat wild boars said that they didn’t like it because of the odor and hardness of the wild boar meat. It wasn’t easy dispelling this old-fashioned idea of wild game meats. However, if you process the meat quickly and carefully, it becomes much more palatable and delicious, so Tsuru Shokosan began by promoting gibier sausages at event venues. To appeal to a larger crowd of customers, they also sell Shiraishi lotus root and cheese stuffed sausages. The old-fashioned image of gibier is gradually changing, with people loving it on their first try or changing their ideas about the taste of wild boar.



Saga Gibier Sausage

The meat has a richer flavor than ordinary sausages and has no gamey odor, making it very popular with children.


Ureshino City Nakashima Farm Cheese-stuffed Sausage

Contains mozzarella cheese made of fresh milk from the cows at Nakashima Farm.



Kuroki Farm Shiraishi Lotus Root-stuffed Gibier Sausage

A blend of two types of lotus root, unique for its sweetness and the crispy and chewy texture.


Saga Gibier sausages are sold at Roadside Station Yamato and Yoshino Mugimai Shop in Yoshinogari. You can also purchase online



The group company deeer in Saga Prefecture offers wild boar, deer, duck, lamb and other game dishes. Click here for details on deeer



The hunter’s hands are smooth! See the potential of wild boar fat

The moisturizing boar boar Beauty balm was created after talking with the hunters. The hunters say that boar fat is good for moisturizing, and so started the development of cosmetics alongside sausage-making. The fat component of wild boar is close to human skin, it melts quickly at body temperature, and penetrates into the skin fast. It has surprisingly grown in popularity, being well received as a durable, long-lasting product.


It is an additive-free product that does not use synthetic preservatives, coloring agents, or fragrances. Since it is safe if you get it in your mouth or nose, you can use it with confidence for baby or mother skin care during pregnancy and after childbirth.


Boar boar Beauty balm was released in October 2019. The product has gained in popularity from customers spreading word about its ease of use. From this spring, the scented boar boar Beauty balm Shell Ginger x Iyokan has been added. Under the supervision of an essential oil advisor, Ishigakijima Shell Ginger and Ehime Iyokan Citrus fruit are blended together to add a refreshing scent. The product exudes a high-quality scent that makes you want to take a deep breath as you care for your skin.



Uses additive-free natural organic essential oils produced domestically


<Effects of Shell Ginger>

・ Reduces anxiety and stress

・ Promotes deep restful sleep

・ Antibacterial

・ Prevents spots and freckles

・ Reduces acne and redness


<Effects of Iyokan Citrus>

・ Soothes mild rough skin and sunburn

・ Anti-inflammatory

・ Prevents skin aging



There is also a mini size (4g) boar boar Beauty balm Shell Ginger x Iyokan for trial sale. The boar boar Beauty balm series can also be purchased online



A new product from boar boar Beauty balm, perfect for the coming Christmas season, will be released around the middle to the end of December featuring beautiful packaging with eye-catching illustrations from Poupelle of Chimney Town. The scent also uses the essential oils of lavender and tea tree that perfectly matches the feel of the artwork. The balm can be used on the whole body for babies and adults alike, so it can definitely be appreciated by people of all ages.


This product is scheduled to be released in mid-December, and early pre-order reservations are being accepted, so if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.




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