JALPAK and Love Live! Sunshine! Events will be held in Hakodate! This article would like to introduce in detail the content of this event.

contributor みんなの観光協会<第3編集部>

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みんなの観光協会の第3編集部です! 地方創生や観光系、地域活性系のニュースを定期的に配信します。


JALPAK Co., Ltd. is holding “Digital stamp rally in Hakodate” to commemorate “Let’s go to Hakodate to meet Saint Aqours Snow!”. This is a collaborative project with “Love Live! Sunshine”

Satoshi Hakodate is a city familiar to anime fans that has been certified as the “88th Japanese Anime Mecca I want to visit”. Through this article let’s find out details about the information as well as the content and time of the event to be held this time.



What is “Let’s go to Hakodate to meet Saint Aqours Snow!” ?

The event is a joint project between JALPAK and Love Live! Sunshine !! You can enjoy a trip to Hakodate while taking commemorative photos with the proposed characters of “Aqours” and “Saint Snow” denoted by AR technology.

Below are the highlights of the plan



The gift is a product of “Love Live! Sunshine”

With a night view of Hakodate, one of the three major night views in the world, you’ll get a clear file with Menger’s line-up and an acrylic stand drawn by “Saint Snow” from Hakodate. All of them are rare gems that can only be found here.

You can participate in Digital stamp rally, where AR characters of “Aqours” and “Saint Snow” appear in 11 locations.

The plan to organize Digital stamp rally will be implemented in full cooperation with the tourism promotion department of Hakodate City Tourism Department and each facility. You can also take commemorative photos of each character and AR at the following 11 locations:

• Hakodate Airport (Chika Takami)
• Box Who Arena (Yoshiko Tsushima)
• First floor ticket counter at Goryokaku Tower (Riko Sakurauchi)
• Hotel Hoakodate Kokusai (Dia Kurosawa)
• Hakodate Station Tourist Information Center (Mari Ohara)
• Snaffles Station Front Shop (You Watanabe)
• Information counter at Kanemori red brick warehouse (Seiyoshi Kasumi)
• Lucky Pierrot Bay Main Store Main Area (Hanamaru Kunikida)
• The main store Háegawa Store Bay Area (Kanan Matsuura)
• Chabo Kikuizumi (Riya Kasumi)
• FM or Open Studio (Ruby Kurosawa)



“Hakodate Special Ticket” can be used for sightseeing and dining in many different areas of Hakodate.

“Hakodate Special Ticket”, something indispensable to visit in Hakodate, is also included. The usual price is 2900 yen / ticket. And you can use it to enter tourist facilities like Hakodateyama Ropeway and Goryokaku Tower as well as to eat and drink at affiliated restaurants.


You can stay at “Hakodate Kokusai Hotel”, where Menger’s “Aqours” was in the anime.

“Love Live! Sunshine !!”, it is irresistible to fans that they can stay at the “Hakodate Kokusai Hotel”, where the members of “Aqours” stay during their work. Hakodate Kokusai Hotel An attractive hotel on the water overlooking the Port of Hakodate, a great connection from tourist attractions.

Furthermore, if you choose the west building option, you can also use pajamas designed by the members of the anime, which are not currently in use. Quantity is limited so be sure to check when making a reservation.



みんなの観光協会の第3編集部です! 地方創生や観光系、地域活性系のニュースを定期的に配信します。